About Us

In 2018, Chalets Parlee Beach came to life with a simple mission: to create a premium lodging destination that will produce exceptional memories for our guests throughout their vacation.
Two local entrepreneurs, Denis Haché and Alphonse LeGresley, have renovated the estate that was previously known as Domaine Parlee Beach. The two retired engineers have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, which sparked a dream to offer a place where tourists could enjoy their stay in the beautiful Shediac region.
It takes leaders to create a dream, but it takes a team to make that dream come true. An integral part of that team is Yvette Landry-Smith, previously retired, who was added as the General Manager to run Chalets Parlee Beach’s day-to-day operations. As the direct contact with all customers, Yvette will ensure that your stay at Chalets Parlee Beach is as pleasant as it is worry-free.

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